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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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happened to the rest of them let me say this to you you know the tenants should have had a say i went to all the tenants meetings that was being held and the developer who was representing that area alice griffith was named after a commissioner and that's the reason why it was named alice griffith because that area most people didn't know that it was building built as i stated in 1962 so you know because of the landfill water come into the 30 story building and they tore those 3 buildings 94 down my daughter lived in one of the building i stated to the tenants don't let them come in here and build temporary housing
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they brought in an office building on a barrage if there's an earthquake he everything is going back into the bay and i know the church, i told them when it rains water comes into the bottom of the church because i didn't miss any of the meetings one the tenants she came and said ms. jackson you was telling the truth before that lamar lamar came through the mayor brown in 1996 and guess what the program that was set up for the tenant went out there was a ramp at the time set up by at the navy saying the land will be transferred to the
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city but guess what the mayor i went to 9 pack committee and went to the cac committee and not to the raft committee the raft committee group don't approve because they knew the area was toxic i had someone come to my home last week from one the development and said before any of the lands is dismissed the land need to be relooked at the area is toxic can you all understand you all are take the opportunity dying people enough people have died already please think about it don't go for this false that is going on with the community didn't sport lamar and that commissioner knows that we did not support lamar because we find out it was building on
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toxic sites. >> thank you dr. jackson. >> next mr. washington. >> just speaking on this values i was one of the ones back years ago so almost like a dream what i mean here only we have less opposition the train is moving and we can't stop it the deal is what i come out of it my 25 years of documentation is to merely from this point on out to document to take photographs for the future so people can see what happened in this 10 year trajectory i'm in the past i've been around and documented everything what i see is new players i see new people with the city government and some of the old faces way don't see it
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is the people that t will impact and effect this is the residents of the san francisco housing authority because redeveloped you guys are you stumbling us i have a story to tell about that i'm a new man a new era but i have no time for eras this is misguided leadership and efforts in the past and the most egregious violation i'm not going to accept is undermining our community there has been done for over decades after decade through city administrators and so-called community leaders with but this is a new era i'm speaking i happen to be a african-american black man mr. ed lee has to be responsible
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where we at he brought in another player what's his name theodore miller i was here they said he was from harvard we met and have been meeting open a regular basis but he's not been here a year it is one of them now that's okay. i'm not mad at him but this administration for continuing not taking care of my business our business for our generation i decided ace stop what you're doing and document just take the pictures don't say nothing don't be objective but i'm here to document the history because you know what people only need to check the history to that's my purpose i will be could go there through a
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publication through the washington post. >> thank you, mr. washington. >> george vincent. >> delores vincent i'm hoping that you will approve 85, 2014, 86, 2014 872014 88, 2014 the reason being the meetings i've attended in the community this is been presented and vested they've approved and everything i've heard from our
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presenter has been brought to us and has been approved yes there is a super funds fight but there's remedies for that i think that the appropriate remedies has been put in place for us to go forward thank you. >> any other speakers. >> no other speaker cards. >> millennial want to address the commission on this item? seeing none, the public comment is closed and i turn it to the commission there are there questions? >> madam chair. >> yes. commissioner booster to see arrest. >> this is an interesting time because i was on the redevelopment commission back in
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the day when we were were looking at this and heard a lot of public comment our goal was to do the right thing for other people in the southeast sections of san francisco an area that has historically been neglected and go forward and so we're now at the point this is the last vote before we start this project i'm delighted to here that you know it is moving forward because it was a long time coming is it fair to say a promise that needed to be fulfilled to the residents and you know my big issue or concern and will be townsend continue to be the opportunity for the residents to help build their own community it's important that the local hire promissory note program is enforced this is
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something i'll be take into account my dad was a construction working in the mission district he helped to build the pyramid and fisherman's wharf and the bank of america building were driving around san francisco and him showing you the buildings he was proud to be a part of so it's not 0 less for the folks that live at the bayview hunters point to give them an opportunity to build this is i want to i'd like to move this item but know that you know local hire and giving people jobs so they can stay in the city is something i'll be looking for the numbers and actually going out into the community to make sure people get the jobs i'm excited about this. >> okay. but before we take a
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second perhaps commissioner singh. >> yes. i want to know when those units are completed do we have the list of those who are going to occupy those the list of people that are going to get this. >> so each phase has a combination of public housing authority replacement and affordable housing unit several those two do and 60 percent are public housing so it will be existing and alice griffith to move into those and marketing plan for the remainder of the units and the marketing starts to have o happen about six months for the first two phases once the completion in july of 2016. >> thank you.
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>> commissioner mondejar questions or comments. >> yes. i have a couple of questions first, the residents are not going to be displaced; is that correct. >> correct. >> during the construction the current residents will actually be there. >> the current sites it is adjacent to right next to the first two or 3 phases will be built nobody will be required to move if there are people for whatever reason don't want to live near a construction site then we have opportunity working with the housing authority unless the sf sites we have to do a relocation we're lucky 40 to not have to do that we'll have minimal disruption for folks. >> so once the new homes are built the current recipe will be
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moved to the new homes and their current residence or retains will be rebuilt. >> demolished. >> demolished okay. the second question is the workforce mou on page 16 which our prengs presentation who steak is going to be in charge like commissioner booster to see said i understand we're going to be getting reports but ocii is in charge. >> ocii is gathering the information the mou basically puts the responsibility on all parties to do theirs part bus as the gatherers of the information obviously we'll be in the position to make sure we're doing the best we can to exceed our goals and is there a plan in place or will happen later and
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there's plan that is documented but we've been meeting as a group for several months in advance of the mou so we're going to work tote for folks being prepared for the infrastructure and the vertical so we're meeting as a group including the contractors and the developers for into infrastructure and vertical at least a monthly basis. >> and we'll be getting updates for the plan. >> brown we'll be before you in the coming years as the phases progress you'll be getting updates with the presentations. >> okay. i had a few questions but commissioner mondejar covered two of them on the relocation of the residents can you tell me a little bit more of the relocation of the service providers it sound like some are
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going to be temporarily displaced and some permanently. >> one of the service providers has been moved temporarily to the existing alice griffith units and on site at the existing housing authority site had are vacated lamar paid for those units to be remodeled for services in the adjacent land there is one non-residential structure that houses those providers so the other non-relocation is the community that's been relocated temporarily only site we've worked out with the school across from the development this is the permanent spot lamar has paid for the initial relocation and the temporary they've been working with the hope sf services team and ocii as far as
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the mr. larkin so and we've been working with the residents to make sure that you know the relocation plan is in place for the services to work for everybody. >> and the police station since it's a small substation. >> in a later phase in place for the next several years at least so we haven't a plan in place for that yet but subject to the relocation benefits obviously. >> and something dear to my heart hopefully, there will be no permanent displacement of murals. >> how we maintain the murals when the building is gone that's part of the plan. >> the on the questioning question is a followup to commissioner mondejar's workforce referral maybe we're not ready to talk about it i want to upstairs how the
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residents of affordable care act are incentive tisz advised or informed for candidates for those homes. >> a lot of our services are focused on the workforce opportunities cooperating with sf city build and sf city to make sure their hooked up with city build and on the services side their prep people to be able to be referred 0 those opportunities we're all working together as far as the schedule to everybody whngz the opportunities come up. >> thank you and my last question on financing i want to be sure we have all our partners and sister agencies read to fund and provide funding the important milestone so we have the commitments from our partners? pursue. >> so the loans you approved
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back in july include ocii funds which we have in hand and subsidy from the master developer and i actually have a slide there's a slide popping up that shows the split what the d da requires that subsidy be provided by lamar so that means january and our loan is contingent upon that. >> so we have a motion other questions. >> commissioner. >> back in the days we talked about naming the opportunity of some of those streets sort of poktsdz naming them after leaders in the community is that something that will be coming before us.
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>> i'm not sure it pertains to alice and maybe through the chair the street naming all the infrastructure so the master developer lamar is obligated to build the infrastructure there's a prostate when the board accepts the streets to take an action so certainly this commission could make a recommendation in concert with the community. >> yeah. this was something we tabbed you know given the fact those are new opportunities to provide leaders from the community especially long term families an opportunity to stake their claim; right? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you we have a motion by commissioner booster to say and second by commissioner mondejar please call the roll.
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>> commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner bolstering to say oar madam chair rosales madam chair the vote is 4 i's and okay. the resolution is adapted call the next item please madam secretary. >> the next order order of business is item 5 d and e present together and acted on separately e providing the act and approving an amendment to the block 52 phase to increase the number of inclusionary rents by one revised total on block 52 on the hunters point shipyard project area discussion and action resolution 87, 2014 and item 57 e adapting the environmental impact report finding and conditioning approving an application for a residential on block 52 and west
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bounded by hudson avenue been the eastern brurnd and on the western brurnd for 6 of housing units at the hunters point shipyard phase one together with a schedule of performance and two the data table 3 a combined k345ush8 and schematic design and 4 a development agreement hunters point shipyard resolution number 88, 2014. >> thank you, commissioners construction is well underway at hilltop finally since 1999 when property lamar was awarded the rights for development approximately 2 hundred and 50 units are under construction today and over the course you've considered and approved the so-called major phases for all
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the development and block 55 is the remaining hilltop major phase approvals at your 23irs meeting december 2012 you considered the phases to make sure that the affordable inclusionary development search warrants the blshgs p bmr development was on schedule and the block 52 action accompanied the major changes with that, i'd like to ask 30th to walk i threw those for your consideration. >> thank you director bohe welcome back commissioner booster to see my name is 30th the project manager for the hupd arrest today, our considering two actions and making environmental venthsd be pursuant to the environmental
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quality are sequa for short it is approving the application to increase the number of inclusionary units by one and update the table a inclusionary location map the section e second 5 d is on block 55 for sale housing unit for a schedule of performance the table seismic and conceptual design a vertical agreement for block 55 and to fascinate and provide you with background and an update on the project detail as a recreation on the shipyards history the project will be 1re789d in two phases that includes land on hunters point shipyard and candle stick point totally the land arbitration the first phase of the shipyard was approved in 20023 and second in
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2010 that authorizes the admitting program of over telephone thousand units that are some below market rate as you've heard we conducted the study will create 24 million square feet of the shipyard and 3 hundred and 50 acres for the renovation of the candle stick park and they're within the hilltop or the phase area shown on the map here's a high-level type map you can see block 52 is outlined in red dashes at our regular hearing e hearing on july 1st this year the commission approved the application for block 52 with 74 housing units with some
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affordable you approved the performance report and the design associated with the project block 52 is designated as a community block and will be developed with the, llc i want to introduce my colleague from the project manager from block 52 thank you and mr. derrick smith and al theirs partners in the shipyard development thank you amendment for block 52 the major phase will there the inclusionary units by one into an affordable unit not increases the affordable housing units in block 52 it will update the inclusionary map this amendment is needed to comply with the
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phase one so-called true requirement the affordable units be no less than 10 block units that is transferred for development this is in place because the d b.a. alleyways allows lamar at least 5 percent and in the morning 20 percent and because the gagaries he are requests you round up or down and this products a deficit for example, block 554 percent is favorable 3.3 units is a required number of units but the gaga asks for that to be round down so any percentage this happens and enough fractional rounding will
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create a deficit that must be corrected this one affordability uncle is on block 52 is a produce of 52, 53 and 54 here you see a table illustrating the one deficit that has 54 units that creates a percentage of 10.28 and you'll see describing the table on the left you see the block numbers and you see the number of units kind of going from left to right believe it or not the vertical critical milestone has been xhooutd executed and we didn't say create the construction and must have a vertical before the construction and to the right the construction schedule
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here you see the table after block 52 the affordable housing increases by one total of 9 unit this trusts up the affordable will digit to just above the minimum of 10 and a half percent that concludes the amendment on block 52 moving on to block 55 once again with a high-level map you see where block 55 east and west they're located at the top and bottom of the map i want to introduce the gentleman for block 55 mr. russ miller and gary and tonya from the studios and architecture thank you and mr. rob who is the project manager from lamar for this map
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thank you here's a summer of the block housing data as you can see those are a proportionsal use of over 8 hundred square feet ranging from 8 hundred square feet to two hundred square feet each unit has a 2 car parking garage and each have a biking area within each garage when we have been talking about a major phase what is that the major phase is a process for organizing vertical development under each plan the blocks are submitted and include the architecture design as well as a report on the horizontal performance that describes the performance of the infrastructure and whether or not it is completed as part of the phase it includes the housing data tables that highlights the number of units
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proposed and the number and location of the affordable units and it includes any other land uses and the vertical and the construction schedule the vertical gaga is on file with the secretasecretary the redevelopment plan and the phase all elements of major phase application were reviewed by the advisory committee and bringing the operation forward and sent a letter in support and i recognized one of the colleagues thank you for staying there are, however, some design issues that will be resolved i'll get into that after the architects go through their design i want ross to talk about
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the design good afternoon, commissioners i'm ross nailer with the architect the architects for the project i'm going to give you a brief overview of the design intent and throughout this process i want to say we've been given excellent xhmdz comments from the groups on the first slide identifying the individual blocks of residents and the variations we selected 4 themes bans their orientation the bay and the shipyard and stick this diagram talks about how we broke up the blocks. >> for example, this is the terrace and the color scheme 4


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